Science Fiction adventures with BRP rules

This is mainly my own conversion of Traveller the use with BRP-rules. It features a lot of nice new rules and things, not found in Traveller, or in Traveller/BRP (the only english thing to be found here). Noteably the very imaginative rules and explanations on spaceship starts and maneuvers. It's all german though.. ATTENTION: Most of it has been moved into my Traveller-section. See there.

A short note on Copyright: Altough much of this carries some open licence, the licence only pertains to verbatim copies. Game-rules as such are not copyrightable and thus the rule-mechanisms and stats are public domain.


Laws of game and nature

Charaktererschaffung Part II By Peter Keel [german]
Fertigkeits-Ergänzungen By Peter Keel [german]
Raumkampf By Peter Keel [german]

Traveller/BRP By Stefan Matthias Aust [english]


The Intergalactic Bueraucracy

Charakterformular By Peter Keel [german]


Notices and unfinished things

Computer By Peter Keel [german]
Ortung By Peter Keel [german]
Hörvermögen irgendwelcher Viecher By Peter Keel [german]
Vakuum By Peter Keel [german]
Notizen By Peter Keel [german]
Waffen 1990 By Peter Keel [german]
Waffen 2050 By Peter Keel [german]
Waffen 3000 By Peter Keel [german]
Ruestungen By Peter Keel [german]