Software for the Basic roleplaying game

Making Linux the premier platform for Roleplayers

Here's software me and others have written either for Chaosiums Basic Roleplaying, or related games like RuneQuest, or are system-independent. Unix/Linux only, except Palm Pilot. See also Issues on Porting


These are written for fantasy-scenarios

Make Player Character 1.1 My Unix-port of Dan Mazinas' DOS-program. GPL'd C++-source
Random NPC Generator C-Sourcecode and binaries for Linux, GPL'd; by Peter Keel


For Call Of Cthulhu

CthGen Character generator. C-source
CoCchar Character generator. Java-applet, source
Make Ghoul A monster Generator. C-source


For Nephilim

Nephcal A calendar for Nephilim magic dates. C-source

Name Generators

Several namegenerators, fixed to run on modern Unix-systems

Namegen Template-based namegenerator. C-source
NameGen Template-based namegenerator. C-source
Celtnames Generates celtic names. C-source
namegen Namegenerator. C-source
Names 2.01 Template-based namegenerator. C-source
Names 2 Template-based namegenerator. C-source
Names Template-based namegenerator. C-source
Newnames Template-based namegenerator. AWK-Script
tekumeli Csh-script for Names 2 to generate tekumeli names.
Perlname generates new words from existing ones. Perl-script
Lispnames two namegenerators. In LISP.
NamN Namegenerator. C-source
Namer Two namegenerators. C-source
conflux Language Confluxer. Perl-scripts
Arkhan's Random Name Generator Namegenerator. C-source
werd Simple rule-based word-generator. Perl-script
Business Generates names of shops and inns. C-source
Arkhan's Random Name Generator v1.5Template-based name generator. C-source

Weather Generators

Weather generators for several worlds

WGen 1.0 Harnworld Weather generator. C-source
Harvest Harnworld Weather generator. C-source
wg_ct Harnworld Weather generator (I guess). C++-source
Weather GeneratorVery good weather generator for different climates. C-source
Arkhan's Random Weather Generator v1.1Good weather generator. C-source


Dices and related programs

Rolldice 1.7 Very good dice, C-Source. Also available as debian-package (Linux/x86)
Dice Probabilities Prints curves. C-source
DicePro Dice thrower for the Palm Pilot.
Die Util Dice


Things that don't fit

Dungeon Random dungeon generator with TeX-output. C-source
Dungeonmapper Random dungeon generator with TeX-output. C-source
Room Random dungeon room generator
Services Calculates services available in cites.