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Well, some UNIX programming and scripting done by me. So you know it's bad, and furthermore, mostly trivial. Some things may seem to be highly redundant, but keep in mind that I use these on my system, and probably are too lazy to change /s/wav/voc/g into /s/foo/bar/g everytime I need such a script... It is also important to know that some of this stuff is "dead code" (e.g. genindex), things I'll probably never use anymore (I don't write anything the slightest bit complicated in shell anymore, for instance -- I use perl) Anyway, it is here, so it doesn't get lost. Languages used are c, perl, awk, sed, expect, tcl and bash if I'm right. There should be no c-shell and no korn-shell (though I think I did something with korn). There IS no Tk and will never be.

The scripts and programs are all considered public domain, except where stated otherwise (there are some GPL'd programs here).

Metadata and Filenames

Image Processing


Other genuine programs


Strings in Files


Stupid and broken Programs




Converters / Wrappers


Hacked Apps