Sex is 90% phantasy

At age 11, soon to be 12, I discovered "Das Schwarze Auge" in a bookstore. At that age, I was reading alot, so I spent much time in bookstores. Well, I've seen that thing, and Immediately wanted it. Since I hadn't the money to buy it, i wished it for christmas, and indeed I got it. Since then I've been playing roleplaying games. First above mentionned "Das Schwarze Auge", later Traveller and some self-made roleplaying games, and then RuneQuest and Cthulhu. RuneQuest is an incarnation of Chaosiums "Basic Roleplaying" system, BRP for short. For Traveller and Cyberpunk, I adopted the BRP-rules, since they seem very intuitive, fast, deadly and most of all lacking unlogical concepts like "levels" and "character-classes". Contrary to AD&D, Das Schwarze Auge and other systems, with BRP characters and monsters/fiends/foes/animals follow the same rules, resulting in severe drawbacks for human characters compared to animals or monsters which are bigger than humans. In BRP, a horse can easily crush a human. It's realistic and fast as well.