About my BRP-pages

These web pages are devoted to Chaosiums role playing game "Basic Roleplaying" (BRP) in all its incarnations. RuneQuest, Stormbringer, Elric, Call of Cthulhu, Nephilim, ElfQuest, Ringworld and various net.books as for instance Traveller BRP.


Why isn't this site what it used to be?

I don't have time to maintain it, and, I got being hassled at because of alleged "copyright infringement" (for mirroring, respectively re-layouting of old stuff found on the net). So I removed bigger parts of this site because I don't have time (or joy) to sift through every bit of information here. Most of the mssing content, in raw form, is available in the RuneQuest Digest anyway. Go, layout yourself.

Furtheron, I received this Gloranthan Fan Policy email. According to that Fan Policy I'm expected to apply for at least an informal license according to a Checklist. Now, the problem is, Issaries inc. wants to reserve itself rights like "not putting up mirrored 3rd party material" even though it does not own the copyrights, on merit of trademarks only. This is of course not acceptable. As well, Issaries Inc. would like me to put up a whole load of disclaimers, including spurious "Release of Liability"-statements for some possible copyright and trademark-disputes for material not held by Issaries Inc.

So in order not to infringe on any Trademark held by Issaries, Inc., I've decided to strip any superfluous references to "Glorantha" or "RuneQuest" and replace them with the (most probably) not trademarked (or even trademarkable) "Basic Roleplaying" or BRP. I only refer to "RuneQuest" either in journalistic context, or in reference to citations. And for this, a simple trademark-statement should be enough.


Everything from me (Peter Keel) underlies the OPL, except where noted otherwise. YES you can share it, YES you can copy it, YES you can mirror it.