Adventures for Traveller. I'll try to include more data here, such as where they are playing.


Adventures for Classic Traveller and Megatraveller

Yet Another Adventure Seed By Michael Bailey [english]
Adventure Seed 1 By Mark Clark [english]
Adventure Seed 2 By Mark Clark [english]
Adventure Seed: Biomoney By Mark Clark [english]
Adventure Seed: Ark Of Hope By Michael Bailey [english]
Bootean Adventure By Michael Bailey [english]
Coup d'Etat By Loren K. Wiseman [english]
Deep Shadows [english]
Entrepreneur By Michael Bailey [english]
Gone Fishin' [english]
Haunting Thunder By Tim Salisbury [english]
Immortality Campaign Idea [english]
The Jerusalem Complex By Mark Clark [english]
Majesta Adventure By Bruce Johnson [english]
Old Junk By Mark Clark [english]
Adventures in The Past By Loren K. Wiseman [english]
Planetoid-P-4638 By Loren K. Wiseman [english]
Rebellion Shades By David Burden [english]
Research Base Incident (Pree BB53840-A, 1125) By Harald Budschedl [english]
Scam By Loren K. Wiseman [english]
Ship In The Lake By Loren K. Wiseman [english]
Sirir Adventure [english]
Soft Bunk By Loren K. Wiseman [english]
Tracers [english]
Twilight Shadows On The Bright Face (871-438 E700000-0, 1100) By Paul Dale [english]
Twist Of Fate (Nova Ryll) By Dan Post [english]
Water For The Deserts [english]
Work Of Art By Loren K. Wiseman [english]

Terroristen Tango By Peter Keel [german]
Rebellen Patrouille By Peter Keel [german]
Die Odyssee der Forgotten Realm (ca 1120) By Peter Keel [german]
Gelbe Zone: Geschaefte: Lohnenswert (Denotham/Vilis B-739573-A) [german]
Gelbe Zone: Kritische Flugbahn (Vendetierre C-759685-8) [german]
Gelbe Zone: Tödliche Bedrohung (Purfyr) [german]
Gelbe Zone: Eine Dame verschwindet (Rhylanor/Rhylanor, 1105) [german]
Gelbe Zone: Konterbande fuer Roup (Roup/Regina X-C77A9A-6) [german]
Gelbe Zone: Gut Holz! (Ranther D-530598-5) [german]
Depot Raid (Deneb, 1120) Unfinished, by Peter Keel [english]

The New Era

Adventures for The New Era

Field Test (Gralyn, 1197) [english]
Viral Shades (Aubaine, 1207) By David Burden [english]
Vyborg Campaign (Vyborg, 1200) [english]
Glisten Adventure (Glisten, 1202) by Alvin Plummer [english]
A Ghost From The Past (Aubaine, 1200) By Brendan O'Donovan [english]
Dark Century Campaign (Aubaine, 1195) By Brendan O'Donovan [english]

Traveller 4

Adventures for Marc W Millers Traveller known as T4.

The Slavers of Genarre (Gennare D468637-3) By Bruce Johnson [english]

Traveller/BRP and Conversions

People and Animals from Traveller-Adventures converted to Traveller/BRP plus Adventures on their own.

The Algol A Traveller/BRP-Adventure by Stefan Matthias Aust [english]
Der Fluch des Imperiums (Knorbes E888787-2, ca. 1100) By Peter Keel [german]
Die Geheimnisvollen for "Die Geheimnisvollen" by Peter Keel [german]
Zwielichtberg for "Zwielichberg" by Peter Keel [german]
Soldaten Soldiers by Peter Keel [german]
Schlaeger Some brutes by Peter Keel [german]
Besatzung Crew of a trader by Peter Keel [german]