Adventure Nugget: The Entrepeneur

By: Michael T Bailey (
Adventure Seed for Traveller

While stopping over on __________, a high population, high law-level world, the characters are approached by a representative of a local banking concern with a job that is 'on the edge of legality'.

Carac Sarandanis was a high flying entrepeneur worth billions of credits...or so it seemed. With the recent economic downturn, Sarandanis' fortune has evaporated, leaving behind a huge debt and a number of very shady looking business deals. While the government was still investigating the collapse of the Sarandanis group, Sarandanis himself quietly skipped the planet. His new residence does not have an extradition treaty with his old homeworld, so the government plans to press charges against Sarandanis have come to naught.

The Fardan-Reeve Banking Corportation has other ideas. Although resigned to getting little of its money back, its somewhat vindictive board is itching to see the wily Sarandinis 'pay.' The bank will pay the PCs Cr100,000, plus a reasonable amount of costs, to deliver Sarandanis to the authorities here. All they have to do is snatch him from his guarded compound, smuggle him aboard their ship and present him to government authorities at the starport. Easy!

(with thanks to a certain resident of Majorca, and Andrew Denton)