Yet another adventure seed...

By: Michael T Bailey (
Adventure Seed

Players Information:

The characters are approached by Piet Van Der Heidjen, a representative for Voortrek-Provencal Industries. VPI specialises in petrochemical refining in the Aquitaine system - mainly by extracting hydrocarbons from Aquitaine's major gas giant and refining them in orbital stations around the gas giant (Eleanor).

Recently, output from VPI's 'Eleanor-3' rig has fallen markedly, due to a series of inexplicable accidents. Van Der Heidjen and his superiors suspect foul play, but are unable to launch an official investigation. Such an investigation would cast doubt on VPI's ability to supply high-grade petrochemicals to Aquitaine, and pave the way for rival corporations to import these goods from Aegir.

Van Der Heidjen wants the characters to sign on as workers aboard 'Eleanor-3', and investigate covertly. A retainer of Cr 25000 will be paid, plus a bonus of Ce 25000 on successful completion of the mission.

Due to the nature of the installation, the characters will not be allowed to take any weapons with them (firearms and volatile hydrocarbons do NOT mix).

GM's Information:

  1. The accidents are caused by a disgruntled, and more than slightly unbalanced employee aboard 'Eleanor-3'. Exposure could completely flip the culprit, leading to a particularly spectacular murder-suicide if not stopped.
  2. A rival corporation is behind the sabotage. Their agent is well armed, well trained, and willing to kill if necessary to avoid being exposed.
  3. The accidents never happened. The rig's CEO has been faking the incidents and covertly shipping the 'lost' materiel to Solomani terrorists on Saxe.

Whatever the cause, the players will be outgunned, and possibly outnumbered. Brute force aint gonna work here - only cunning, skill and a little luck will see them survive to collect their bonus.

I got the basic idea for this one from an old Dr Who episode, set aboard a terrestrial rig. (No, I can't remember the name of it). More details, including deck plans and rough specs for the 'Eleanor-3' rig are available on request.