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A Minecraft Modpack: A-Roving

Sunday, January 19th, 2020

With the advent of Minecraft 1.15.1, there came modpacks. And face it, playing Minecraft without automapping (and probably veinminer/ore excavation) feels rather weird. So I started looking at them, and soon found out, there are even now a lot more mods for 1.15.1 than are included in modpacks. So I made my own:

It’s available at

A-Roving is focused on roving, wandering, exploration, spelunking and dungeoneering. It still features some tech and basically is a kitchen-sink pack, but the focus is on stuff that either makes exploration interesting like ruins and generated structures, or that supports it, like backpacks and diving gear.

The one thing it’s not focused on, is building. While some mods add to the block palette, I explicitly left out things like Structurize or MrCrayfish’s Furniture mod, as they add mostly a lot of blocks. But there are some things in there that add light options (including the MegaTorch, which allows you to use low light levels without having to fear spawning) and redstone controlled contraptions.

Also left out are things that change gameplay completely, like “Lycanites mobs” (which looks ugly, by the way, and wrong).

As of now it’s one of the bigger modpack for 1.15.1 with 150 mods, but there are still a lot of mods missing that are not yet on 1.15.1 or have no replacement. Some tasks like mob farms will require combinations of vanilla and modded ingenuity.

It’s also configuration-light, meaning most of the mods behave as the mod-makers intended, I intend to change the configs as I go and find “undesirable” behavior, like lootbags containing creative power sources (which should be fixed in version 1.0.0 already).