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OpenType-Fonts in Texlive/Xetex

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

This is a follow-up to my rant TrueType- and Type1-Fonts in Texlive/Xetex.

As it turns out, XeLaTeX is not only the solution to displaying TrueType and Type1-Fonts, but most of all, the solution to display (and print, of course) OpenType. And not just with basic support, but with everything only OpenType makes possible. Like decent handling of ligatures.

\section{Font Tests}
\fontspec[Ligatures={Common, Rare}]{Baskerville}
\fontsize{18pt}{24pt}\selectfont Baskerville \\
Umlauts: ÀöÌ \\
Ligatures: ct st fi fj fl ff ffi ffl fs ft ij \AE \ae \OE \oe\\
\fontspec{Baskerville}Numerals: 1234567890\\
\fontspec[Numbers={OldStyle}]{Baskerville}Numerals Old: 1234567890\\

“Baskerville” in that example is any OpenType-font which provides ligatures (liga) old numerals (onum), required ligatures (rlig) and so on..