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What I’m Boycotting

Monday, February 18th, 2002

If an advertisement insults our intelligence, you should not buy the product — Richard Feynmann

I’m currently boycotting various corporations and entieties because of
the rubbish they do, becaue their commercials question my intelligence,
or because they behave like villains, robber-barons and big brother.

Using patents as weapon

  • — for a lawsuit on a “one-click shopping” patent.
  • Patent Offices — for being a bad idea
  • Unisys — lzw-compression patent enforcing
  • — allegedly Digital Island violated their patents.
  • British Telecom — patent on Hyperlinks. How stupid can you get?

Enforcing copyright while violating “fair-use”

  • Sony Pictures Entertainment — DVD lawsuits, MP3 lawsuits
  • Universal Music — MP3 lawsuits
  • EMI — MP3 lawsuits
  • Polygram — MP3 lawsuits
  • Bob Dylan — for using traditional chords but supporting lengthening
    copyright-duration for another 20 years. What a bigot.
  • The Chamber Brothers — Copyright bullying, sueing
  • The Coasters — Copyright bullying, sueing
  • The Original Drifters — Copyright bullying, sueing
  • Metallica — Sueing Napster Inc. and Universities which have not
    banned Napster.
  • Dr. Dre — Also sueing Napster Inc.
  • Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. — DVD/DeCSS lawsuits
  • Disney Enterprises, Inc. — DVD/DeCSS lawsuits, cheesy cartoons, plus
    lengthening the copyright from 70 to 95 years; while using heavily
    public domain material like “Aladdin”. Bigots.
  • Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. — DVD/DeCSS lawsuits
  • Paramount Pictures Corporation — DVD/DeCSS lawsuits
  • TriStar Pictures, Inc. — DVD/DeCSS lawsuits
  • Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation — DVD/DeCSS lawsuits
  • United Artists Pictures, Inc. — DVD/DeCSS lawsuits
  • United Artists Corporation — DVD/DeCSS lawsuits
  • Universal City Studios, Inc. — DVD/DeCSS lawsuits
  • Warner Bros., a Division of Time Warner Entertainment Company, L.P. — DVD/DeCSS lawsuits
  • Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA) — DVD/DeCSS lawsuits
  • Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) — MP3 lawsuits
  • Business Software Alliance (BSA) — Copyright bullying
  • Software Piracy Agency (SPA) — Copyright bullying

Otherwise doing bullshit

  • Applied Digital Technologies — for producing Big Brother equipment
  • Hasbro — for doing bullshit with ex-Avalon Hill products
  • Mattel — for CyberPatrol blocking criticism on CyberPatrol and
    sueing People criticising it.
  • McDonalds — for trashy products
  • Microsoft — for trashy products, playing monopoly, microsoft keyboards,
    proprietary file formats and much much more.
  • — for spying on web-users
  • — for domain bullying against etoy.
  • Real Networks (Realaudio) — for spying on users
  • National Security Agency (NSA) — spying out the whole world

Better behave

Either they play nice or I’ll boycott them as well.

  • LucasArts
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Truste — violating their own privacy policy (a mistake?)