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Minecraft: Zeppelin for Skyblock Worlds

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

Apart from floating Islands, the other big theme that makes itself obvious for modded Minecraft Skyblock worlds, is airships.

Planetminecraft is full of these Airships; most follow some steampunk theme and feature a huge ship hanging from a ridiculously small bag. A few are actual zeppelins or blimps, but the most beautiful of them are usually replica of historical ones, like LZ127 (236m long, 30m diameter) or LZ129 Hindenburg (245m long, 41m diameter).

What I needed was a zeppelin that would look like a zeppelin regarding the dimensions, but smaller. If it’s about loaded chunks, you don’t want to get all out.

So basically the requirements where these:

  • It may have the maximum diameter of a chunk, that means 16
  • Diameter must be an odd number, so 15 it is
  • It should have a fitting length to get decent proportions relative to the diameter, something like a ratio of 1:6 (LZ129 has exactly that one; LZ127 has one of 1:7.5)
  • Easy to build with skyblock resources. But not requiring any modded blocks.
  • schematic for the use with the schematica-mod

In the end, I made two versions, one out of cobblestone, for building early in the game, but which could be a liability if your modpack doesn’t have something like a swapping wand; and a mid-game version in grey wool, completely lightened out and carpeted.

In all honesty, I didn’t try out the cobblestone-version, as I managed to get a lot of string very fast in different modpacks. Also, the models feature a very bare-bone gondola, which I never built in survival. Instead I built good-looking ones, out of aluminium. There are no motor-gondolas either.


And here how it looks on the inside:
View from the front doorView towards the back
This is all without any modifications, straight from the schematic. It features 3 walkways, two hatches on top, a hatch to the gondola on the bottom, and a door at the front. Also, a room, lit by toggleable redstone lamps, which is something like 24 blocks from the gondola away, in other words, pre-made and suited for a small mob-farm, with still the whole bow to spare as workplace.

When I used this within “Modern Skyblock 3 Departed“, I put some windmills in place where the motor gondolas would reside, and put a decent gondola into place:

These didn’t provide enough energy, so I put some solar panels on top, behind glass:

Because the interior takes a lot of power:

Especially the cloches from “Immersive Engineering” I installed, which basically produce every resource imaginable via “Mystic Agriculture”. You can see the watermills from “Extra Utilities 2” producing GP as well.

Block usage of the woolen version, in order of importance:

  • 3089 Light Gray Wool
  • 1838 Light Gray Carpets
  • 415 Gray Wool
  • 62 Glowstone
  • 20 Redstone
  • 8 Redstone Lamps
  • 4 Levers
  • 2 Iron Doors
  • 33 Oak Wood Planks
  • 308 Stone Slab
  • 18 Ladders
  • 3 Wooden Trapdoors
  • 15 Oak Fences
  • 20 Oak Wood Slabs

In total, 4728 wool, 1644 ink and 3081 bonemeal.