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A new Security-Model

Thursday, August 17th, 2006

According to observations by Dave Piscitello and Bruce Schneier, that the traditional 4-fold model (authentication, authorization, availability, authenticity) is becoming inadequate, and as proposed by Dave Piscitello here is the new one:

Admissibility (what may connect)
Authentication (who are you)
Authorization (what are you allowed to do)
Availability (is the data accessible)
Authenticity (is the data intact)

I consider the adding of admissibility an extremly important change, given the large numbers of people who increasingly are not anymore in control of their own machines due to viruses, worms and digital restriction management (DRM). This is why I repeat this here.


Thursday, August 17th, 2006

After all those manuals floating around, seemingly covering how to conduct terrorist acts, but instead only take care of details like how to build and administer explosives, I decided to write my own. Here it goes:

Your main objective is not to kill thousands of people, but to put fear into the heart of millions.

Keep this always in mind. Even a failed attempt may achieve this goal. You may even plan an attempt to fail.

The following is more practical advice on how to achieve this goal:

  • Get enemy politicians to react strongly to your efforts in order to produce more allies. Every act of revenge from your enemy will likely hit the wrong ones and produce more terrorists. Get those politicians to raid homes of innocents, bomb quarters, burn villages or wage war against someone.
  • Use the press. The longer, more extensive the coverage is, the better. Press crying “do something!” is best, as this will force politicians to undertake “countermeasures” against you which are grossly ineffective, overreaching and will only foster your goals.
  • Get enemy politicians to sign draconian laws, enact a surveillance-state, concentration camps for alleged enemies of the state, invade peoples privacy, ban things on aircraft, enact a lot of security-checkpoints, make neighbours spy on each other. Every such move will increase fear and anxiety in the population. And a paranoid enemy will make mistakes, big mistakes, and he will make them on the back of his own population
  • Get the enemy to discredit its own people which are not frightened. Get him to bad-mouth, denigrate or even arrest people opposed to his useless draconian laws. This will put fear into their hearts too, fear of their own governement.

I hope this will help you in conducting your next terrorist campaign.