Rules for Traveller/BRP

Rules for playing Traveller with BRP


A new, percent-based classification system. A good system, but I don't use it because I would have to recalculate every techlevel from official publications.

Justizgrad [german]
Magiegrad [german]
Regierungsgrad [german]
Religionsgrad [german]
Sozialgrad [german]
Techgrad [german]


Character Creation Charaktererschaffung By Peter Keel [german]
Charakterformular in LaTex By Peter Keel and Daniel Schönenberger [german]
Charakterformular in Postscript By Peter Keel and Daniel Schönenberger [german]
Charakterschema in Postscript. Notwendig fürs Formular. By Daniel Schönenberger [german]

Space Ships

Rules, Clarifications and such for Space Ships Raumschiffmanöver By Peter Keel [german]
Raumschiffbetrieb und -Unterhalt By Peter Keel [german]
Raumschiffsreisen und Begegnungen By Peter Keel [german]
Handel Ein alternatives Handelssystem By Peter Keel [german]


Variable Regeln PSI PSI-Regeln. Unfertig. By Peter Keel [german]