hacking the brains of people

Yes, that's right. I'm collecting Meta-Viruses. No, it's not the usual kind of viruses, it's far worse. These viruses don't infect your computer, they infect your brain. They work like this: User X gets an email, apparently a warning of some kind of a virus which spreads through email. The user is urged by the email to spread the email. User X thinks it's a good thing to forward this email to everyone he knows, and presto -- the email is sent further. What user X does not know, is that the warning is the virus itself. it's a virus which infects the brain, and lures the user into resending the email, thus spreading the email. The effect of the virus is, except from spreading, that it makes user X feel stupid after he finds out what he has done, and that it fills up the mailboxes of a lot of people. Of course, the whole thing is exceptionally funny, because it's like a self-fulfilling prophecy, some kind of circular logic. Mhhhhhh. Love that.

On a related note of brain-hackery, the plural of virus seems to be viruses, and not virii. This seems a bit counter-intuitive for german speakers, since our plural definitly isn't "viruse" but "viren". Whatever, maybe I'll change directory and title some day.