The Tao Of Webdesign

People still don’t get it. And I’m not talking about mere webdesigners, but also of producers of content management systems (weblogs and wikis as a subclass of this).

Even though there exist some really marvelous pages which you can use as inspiration for instance. Or And there are also pages which tell you exactly what you should do, and what not:

But what do I get? Fixed width pages which scroll sideways or put the content above each other, because some asshat thinks everyone has at least 800×600 and uses the browser in full screen mode. Well, hell, no. My Browser tries to have natural proportions of 1:√2 — same as A4.

This makes even with 1280×1024 just about a browsing-space of 700×1000. Less with my 1024×768 at home. I won’t even go into handhelds and cellphones. Of course my colleague with his 1920×1600 has the problem of pages sitting in the middle of his screen, because they only occupy 700 pixels width instead of his 900. So why the fuck are people still hardcoding it?

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