It Ain’t Easy

It ain’t easy to start blogging. Well, it would, if a blog would be all that you want. But if you want to incorporate it into an existing website, you’ll discover that the author of the thing has completely different ideas about the structure of the css-file.
Of course, your colors look terrible if the font used is smaller or bigger than intended. Also, everything seems to have some fixed width used, which really pisses me off.

Well anyway, I seem to have managed, it blends reasonably well with the rest of the page, tough it still uses its own css, so you can’t change the css as in the rest of the pages.

Well anyway, one reson for this is that the “Bookmarks”-section was getting more and more outdated, since the automatic update from the Browser didn’t work since Communicator 4.7, and attempts to do it by WebDAV have proven futile (the pugin made firefox stall and crash). The second reason is of course that I like to rant. And what I’ve done in my “Essays” Section I can do in a blog now. So there.

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