My Machines

and other heavy-metal


My workstation. Is an i7-7700, 8 x 4.2GHz, Mal-2 (as it is also called, because it's Malaclypse the younger) has 32 GB Ram, and right now 40 Terabyte Diskspace. Grafics is a GeForce RTX 2060. Operating System is a Debian/GNU Linux unstable/Sid.


is my firewall. Following up Eris (AMD 600) and Goldsatz (UltraSparc 5), which were multi-purpose servers, I had Goldstueck (a pcengines WRAP), and Rumpelstilzchen (pcengines Alix) as dedicated firewalls. This now is a pcengines APU. Running on Debian/GNU Linux, usually stable or testing.


Is my webserver, she is an Asus eeeBox, running Debian GNU/Linux.


Over the years, I've had a pretty park of machines. Josephine, in thre incarnations as Sparc 10, another Sparc 10 and an UltraSparc 2 as webserver, Popeye, the Amiga 500, Olivia, the PowerPC/8100. Bugs, the Igel-Terminal. A NeXTSTATION Turbo, a Citoh 224 Terminal and a DEC VT320. Zarathud was a Targa notebook with 12mb Ram, 1 GB Disk and a CT65530 Grafics which did 640x480 at 16bit colour. Rapunzel was the webserver, an UltraSparc E250 with two UltraSparc II, 300Mhz; 1 GB of Ram. Jorinde was another UltraSparc II, 2 processors 300Mhz, 768 MB Ram, but a Tritec ESU 450, Rackmount. I used to have a Dean Markley K100-B bass-amplifier for sound output, but it died. And of course PCs too numerous to remember, an Atari ST and two Apple II.