Software for Traveller

Software to assist Traveller gamemasters

Software for the use with the Roleplaying Game Traveller or its background for Unix. Sometimes ported by me. See also Issues on Porting, and probably the BRP software section for more generic programs


Software for developing characters and NPCs NPC Megatraveller random NPC stats generator. C-source
MTCG Megatraveller Character Generator. Linux/glibc 2.1 binaries. By Gregory Svenson, ported to Unix by Peter Keel.


Software for describing and generating worlds Accrete Star system generator. C-source
SysGen 4 A collection of programs to generate subsectors and maps. C-source
1 Million Stars A collection of programs to generate subsectors and maps. C-source
Traveller System Generator 1.0 Nice solar system generator. C-source
Fractal World Generator 2.1 Generates .gif maps of Worlds. C-source
Fractal World Generator Generates ASCII maps of Worlds. C-source
GenSec Generates Subsectors. C-source
Genesis Generates life-profiles of worlds. C-source
StarForm Generates star systems. C-source
Stars Generates whole lots of stars. C-source
Gliese3 Stardata generator. C-source
Hard Times Calculates Virus effect on star systems. C-source
Planets Planetary systems generator. C-source


Software for generating and displaying maps DoMap AWK-script to generate subsector-maps
Hex Generates subsector maps, uses pic/troff. C-source.
HexMap Generates subsector maps, uses pic/troff. C-source.
MapMaker Generates subsector maps. C-source.
Worldmap Generates world-maps. Postscript
Text Fract Generates ASCII world-maps. C-source
Xssv Sub Sector Viewer. C-source


Software for generating words and names Aslan Names An aslan namegenerator. C-source
Vargr Words Generates vargr words. C-source
Zhodani Words Generates zhodani words. C-source
XWordGen Table-based word generator with tables for all major languages

Ship Design

Software for designing ships Gawk-Design A series of gawk-scripts
Ship Assembly Line Java-Application. No source
Megatraveller ship generator A tablerunner with extensive tables. C-source
Cosmos Ship design program. C-source

Maneuvers and Navigation

Software to help with maneuvering and navigation while playing Travel Time Calculates travel-times. C-source
Fuse Calculates fuel usage. C-source
Starship Operations Simulator from David Burden. Javascript


Misc. Full UPP decodes Universal Planet Profile. C-source
Guns determining availability of weapons. C-source
Armor calculates price of armor. C-source
Culture Generates cultures. C-source
Hazard Generates hazards. C-source
Religion Generates religions. C-source
Society Generates societies. C-source
Psyche Generates psychological profiles of Societies. C-source

Weather Generators, Dices and other Generic Software

Please see corresponding BRP section