USA: enhanced stupidity at airports

Stupidity and misunderstanding on how security works has reached new heights in the USA: TSA: Enhanced screening for people flying to U.S. from certain nations.

How bloody stupid must one be to react this way to a failed attack? Yes, failed means exactly that a security measure — in this case a terrorist attack that was thwarted by passengers(!) — works. But instead of relying more on what obviously works, the TSA (and of course, this one is backed by the government; proving that Bush and Obama really do the same bollocks) has decided to implement something else, something incredibly stupid which will actually lower security.

Security professionals worldwide don’t even know if they should laugh or cry at such a bold display of imbecility. I’ve not yet seen what Bruce Schneier has to say about this specific idiocy, but here’s an essay which essentially explains the issue: Screening People with Clearances. Just so you can see that I’m not the only security professional who thinks this way, and Bruce Schneier has rather more clout than me. ;)

Do you really think terrorists won’t be likely to fly NOT from those 14 countries? Or — gosh — use a false passport? Hell, they might even recruit people from a country deemed “safer”, the USA itself for instance. And of course, increased scrutiny of certain passengers will draw resources from scrutinizing other passengers.

Congratulations, you’ve just implemented a fast lane for terrorists while harassing other passengers coming from some 14 countries. Mindbogglingly stupid. According to Hanlon’s Razor I’m forced to conclude that the USA is run by drooling idiots.

Addendum: Bruce Schneier has now put it nicely: Christmas Bomber: Where Airport Security Worked. I can only add “and in whose aftermath common sense did not”.

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