Unpack, Change and Repack Android Apps

Some time ago, I read Lock down your Android APK permissions by benn from Intrepidus Group.

I decided to automate the whole procedure, at least the unpacking, signing and repacking. Each app has to have it’s own key (lest the apps signed with the same key can access each others ressources!) which was the thing that most needed automation.

So I wrote some shell-scripts. The scripts are not only useful for changing the permissions of an app from any source (unpack, edit AndroidManifest.xml, resign), but also for android developers themselves. it’s much easier to manage keys and sign different apps with them.

So here they are:

  • android-unpack Stupid script to decode .apk-files, all of those in a directory, actually.
  • android-resign Script to pack .apk-files, and sign them. Each project with it’s own key.

Of course, if you re-sign foreign apps with your own key, they won’t be the same ones as on the Android Market, and thus not automatically upgradeable and will not use the same configuration.

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