How I manage to get the work done

How I manage to get the work done

Time ain’t on my side..

Somewhere deep down in my brain, I knew I had to do some work. So I
finally got around to ask what the matter was with that work. “Ahh, we’re
doing it already, and next week is last date for a pre-meeting with the
assistant”. Okay, so I got me dated for that meeting. In the meantime I
collected some materials: The plastic card for library-access, for instance.
I thought I would make something on software-piracy. But nope. No data
available, no hard statistics, nothing. Seems that there is no software
piracy, just the SPA crying, because they want to sell their anti-piracy
software. Remind me to pirate that software.

A day before that meeting I finally had an idea of what I could do. I’d
write on victimless crimes, yep. That’s something I caught on in my
15 minutes library visit. So I emailed across the world, got some crime-
statistics from the USA, but none of Switzerland and finally went to the
meeting. I brought up my notebook and explained what I would do. The assistant
obviously was shocked by raw data and told me not to worry. “You already have
enough data”. And I had to hand in the paper in two weeks. So there.

I went home and did what I always do when such pressure hits me. I divert
pressure to things I shouldn’t really do now. So in these two weeks

  • Started programming Perl
  • Reorganized my Web-Server
  • Organized 300 Megabytes Data
  • Wrote these pages

Of course, sometime, I’d have to write the paper, which is, probably now,
being it only one and a half day until I have to hand it in. See?

And I am even writing this text before my work!

Peter Keel,


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