All Singing, All Dancing and the Music to Puke

Apparently it’s now a Hollywood trend to end your movies in some all-singing-all-dancing scene, everytime with non-fitting, mood-destroying cheap bad pop.

Case in point: Descpicable me. It’s starts out with a ballet of swan lake,in which the turntable is taken over by some drone which strangles off swan lake, and replaces it with some miserable pop straight from the garbage-bin, after which everyone starts dancing happily. Apparently Hollywood wants to tell the kids that swan lake is no fun, and everybody should like this abyssmal concotion of uninspired and amelodious malware.

Another one is Ice Age 4, if I remember correctly. I’m not quite sure, because I immediately tried to get it out of my memory, because it was that bad.

In any case, would you let your children be indoctrinated with such a message? “It’s only good if it’s bad pop”?

But if the movie really can’t have any all-singing-all-dancing scene in it, well, there’s always the credits. There you can do you worst, and the people watching the movie can only hope to flee before the mood of the film is destroyed completely, because either some 12 year old boy-band fan chose the music for this, or some exec of one of those instant-band chose it to further his dark plans. Like not allowing anyone to listen to Tchaikoswky instead of the bollocks he wants to sell them.

Shrek 3 is an example of this. I guess in Shreck 4 they put the waste again into the all-singing-all-dancing.

Yes, the most obnoxious examples are all rendered movies, but the trend can be seen in other movies as well, where they exert themselves with choosing the most unfitting music for the credits. Narnia for instance, where the pop is bad, but at least the singer can sing. For what its worth, to sing bad pop.

What is good music for credits? Well, the one that fits. Like the one for “The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper”. It doesn’t actually matter what style, along as it is consistent. The Lego Movie features astoundingly bad pop to make a point. And in that case it’s absolutely right to return to that for the credits (Actually, they even feature a different (and much better) version of it at the end).

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