About the Traveller Infodata Library



In the beginning was the idea to provide Library Data to Traveller players. There should not only be background material, but also demographic data and planetary maps, indices and information. The existing possibilities such as paper-bound Library Data, or computer programs as SSV/XSSV were not satisfactory, because they lacked one or another quality needed. Paper, for instance is a hell to search through. On the other hand, the existing computer programs hadn't enough information available, such as planetary maps, extended world information and informational text.

So I decided to use a Hypermedia, and since I use HTML for a lot of things, I did it like this. The benefits are clear:

The Thingie is planned as an online reference for Traveller-characters. Yes. No Referee data. Just that, what characters could get when they use some Library Data system or some navigational program.

The Data present is from Traveller, the Original one. We're currently playin' in 1121 (the campaign began 1107).


This is the main problem of the whole story... Developing a project such as this is very time-consuming. I had, for instance, to capture the subsector-maps from SSV, to convert them into PNG and to adjust their colors with XV. Why can't XSSV save these things?

So what has been done?

What's up for the future?

You'd like to help me?


Thanks go to lotsa people who wrote Traveller itself and who wrote further material. Thank goes also to people who put material onto the web, and to others who did the data-warehousing. Thanks go also to my own bunch of players, without them, I would have done nothing relating Traveller. So here goes the list:


Data Warehousers & contributors