Gazelle Class Close Escort

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400 ton Gazelle Class Close Escort

Close Escort: Gazelle Class

Gazelle class 400 ton Close Escort

The Gazelle originally appeared in the Journal of the Traveller's Aid Society, issue #4. The article introducing the Gazelles to us suggests that it was trying to sit on the fence between being a Book-2 design, and a High Guard design. It is difficult to figure out how the ship was originally built, and the best answer is that it was probably a hybrid. The article mentions the Ship's Forms used are for Book-2 design, but goes on to say the registry number is (also) the USP from High Guard. The full answer is probably that it was a Book-2 design later converted over to HG but not in time for the second edition at the time the Journal article appeared.
Gazelle was also a sample ship (like the Kinunir) provided in Adventure 4: Leviathan and the second edition of High Guard. It is also a popular ship being well suited for player-characters to operate and was the basis for the popular series of adventurettes published by Marischal Adventures centered on the crew of the Stag (CE-13791). These adventures were written and illustrated by the Keith brothers.
From the stats in the second edition of High Guard, I determined that the Close Escort had 10 four-ton staterooms. Since there is a crew of 12, this was more than enough allowing for double occupancy. Therefore, I freed 8 tons to add a 4T fuel refinery, and added 4T to cargo offseting the change to the staterooms. I cannot account for the HG description cost. When I add the costs I determined for the CE including the cost for the GG, I have a number MCr9.052 lower than the published value. I had considered that the published cost includes Architect's fees, but 1% does not account for the full amount of the descrepancy. The CE cost I have used below is for this revised design.
The description in Supplement 7 indicates that my choice to make double occupancy staterooms for hands was correct. It also states that the Gazelles have a Fuel Refinery. Then the problem becomes an extra four tons freed up. I was originally going to put this in as an Air/Raft, but I decided the ship's Pinnace covers that role. I therefore added the extra tons to Cargo.
Finally, the Supplement 7 notes indicate a differently armed configuration. This would impact the design by freeing up EP not used by the PAs, hence increasing agility. I reduced the crew by only one, since an extra crewman would be needed to man the Missile turret Magazines installed in the PA waste space after conversion. Running some combat simulations indicate that the Laser-Missile refit is a better combat opponent for reasons of increased agility for defense, and better hitting batteries (HE/Nuclear Missiles vs. Particle Accelerator configuration).
The Gig added up to 22 tons, so I dropped the Cargo to zero. Passenger couches may always be removed to give 3.5 tons if necessary. I cannot explain why the cost was MCr.15 higher on my numbers, but they are by the book.

CE-13768 Close Escort            (JTAS 4, High Guard, Adv. 4, Sup. 7 & 9)

Unicorn  CE - 3455762 - 300000 - 40100 - 0   MCr346.938          300 tons
    batteries bearing            2 2                            Crew = 12
            batteries            2 2                              TL = 14
    Passengers=0. Low=0. Cargo=10. Fuel=81. EP=21. Agility=0. Troops=0.
    Fuel Refinery & Scoops. 20T Gig.  Note: L-Hyd Drop Tanks add 100 tons
    of fuel and mass (CE-4444762) and cost MCr.11 (incl.)

CE-13712 Close Escort            (Sup. 7 & 9)

Gazelle  CE - 3455762 - 300000 - 50004 - 0   MCr343.688          300 tons
    batteries bearing            1   1                          Crew = 11
            batteries            1   1                            TL = 14
    Passengers=0. Low=0. Cargo=10. Fuel=81. EP=21. Agility=3. Troops=0.
    Fuel Refinery & Scoops. Magazines. 20T Gig.  Note: L-Hyd Drop Tanks
    add 100 tons of fuel and mass (CE-4444762), Agility=2, and cost MCr.11

Gig      GG - 0106B21 - 000000 - 20000 - 0   MCr27.8              20 tons
    Crew=1. Battery=1. TL=14. Passengers=7. Emer.Low=3(12). Cargo=0.
    Fuel=2.2. EP=2.2. Agility=6.





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