Vampire Songs

Unsere Vampire-Kampagnen

From: (Ken Cantrell)
Subject: Vampyre Songs - A cool list (look, if not read)

As I promised a while back, here is the list of of Vampyre songs that I've 
been compiling.  Many thanks to the contributors, and if I've left your
name off the end, let me know (as I'm sure you will.)  Suggestions,
corrections and additions are quite welcome, although I'd prefer them sent
to than  Anyway, enjoy.


Artist                   Song Title/ALBUM                    Notes
AC/DC                    Night Prowler
                          /HIGHWAY TO HELL

Tori Amos                Little Earthquakes 
                          /LITTLE EARTHQUAKES

The Ancients             Release Me / THE ANCIENTS

Angel y Las G?ais        Lamentos De Un Vampiro / ??

Daniel Ash               This Love / ??

Autumn Cathedral         An Exoskeleton Prison / ??

Bang Tango               Dressed up Vamp 
                          / DANCING ON COALS                

Bauhaus                  Bela Lugosi's Dead / ??
                         Party on the First Part / ??
                         Third Uncle / ??
                         She's in the Parties / ??          #1
                         The Three Shadows                  #1
                           /SKYS GONE OUT                   

Pat Bennetar             Self Control / ??

Big Black                Kerosene / ATOMIZER                #1
Birthday Party           Release the Bats / ??

Black Uhuru              Vampire / ??                       Reggae

Black Sabbath            Paranoid / PARANOID                #1

Blue Oyster Cult         Don't Fear the Reaper
                         Tattoo Vampire
                         /AGENTS OF FORTUNE

Jonathan Briley          At the Mountains of Madness / ??

Artist                   Song Title/ALBUM                    Notes

Nick Cave                The Adversary 
                          /SOUNDTRACK -- UNTIL THE END 
                           OF THE WORLD

Christian Death          Romeo's Distress / ??

The Clash                London Calling / ??
Toto Coelo               (Dracula) I'm a Sucker for your Love
                          / ??

Coil                     Panic / ??

Concrete Blonde          Bloodletting (The Vampyre Song)
                         Darkening of the Light 
                         The Beast
                         Dance Along the Edge
                         Beware of Darkness

Cronos                   Vampyr / DANCING IN THE FIRE

The Cure                 A Forest / SEVENTEEN SECONDS       #1
                         Three Imaginary Boys               #1
                            /BOYS DON'T CRY                 
                         The Drowning Man / FAITH           #1

The Damned               Wait for the Blackout
                         Video Nasty
                         Smash it up, Part I
                         Grimly Fiendish                    
                          / ??

Danse Society            The Midnight Land / ??

Dark Arts                Black Carnaval / ??

Dead Can Dance           /BEYOND THE REALM OF A DYING SUN   "All"
                         Cantata / ??

Dead Kennedys            Police Truck                       #1
                         /FRESH FRUIT FOR ROTTING           

Death in June            To Drown a Rose / ??

Delibes                  Lakme / ??

Devon Irons and Dr.      Vampire                            Reggae
   Alimontado            /??

Depeche Mode             Pimpf / ??                         "Longer Version"

Die Arzte                Dein Vampyr
                         Wir Werdon Schon                   
                          / ??

Dillinger                I Thirst / ??                      Reggae

Artist                   Song Title/ALBUM                    Notes         

Echo and The Bunnymen    The Killing Moon / ??
                         Heaven up Here / ??

Eden                     Spectral Pleasures / ??

Roky Erickson            Night of the Vampire 
                         White Faces 

Fad Gadget               Collapsing New People / ??

Fields of the Nephilim   Laura Wings of Desire / ??
Front 242                HeadHunter / ??                    #1

Diamanda Galas           Saint of the Pit / ??

Gene Loves Jezebel       Desire / ??

Girlschool               Love at First Bite
                          /TAKE A BITE

The Hooters              Where do the Children Go?
                          /NERVOUS NIGHT

Jane's Addiction         Three Days                         #1
                           /RITUAL DE LO HABITUAL

Jesus and Mary Chain     Cracked / BARBED WIRE KISSES       #1

Joy Division             Day of the Lords                   #1
                         She's Lost Control                 #1
                         Shadow Play                        #1
                         /UNKNOWN PLEASURES
                         I Remember Nothing / ??            #1
                         Love Will Tear Us Apart / ??       #1

Judas Priest             Love Bites
                          /Defenders of the Faith


Artist                   Song Title/ALBUM                    Notes         

Killing Joke             Inside the Termite Mound           #1
                         /EXTREMITIES, DIRT, AND 
                           VARIOUS REPRESSED EMOTIONS

Lee "Scratch" Perry      Judgement in a Babylon             Reggae

Lethal Poor              Trancefloor / ??

Liers in Wait            Blood and Family                   #1
                         /SPEAR OF DESTINY

London After Midnight    October / ??

Lone Ranger              Barnabas Collins / ??              Reggae

Lucky Dube               Dracula / ??                       Reggae

Lustmord                 Heresy I-VI / ?/


Artist                   Song Title/ALBUM                    Notes         

Loreena McKennitt        Courtyard Lullaby / ??

Gerald McMann            Cry Little Sister
                          /SOUNDTRACK -- THE LOST BOYS

Metallica                Fight Fire With Fire               #1
                         Trapped Under Ice                  #1
                          /RIDE THE LIGHTENING              
                         For Whom the Bell Tolls / ??
                         Call of Cthulu / ??

The Misfits              Vampira
                         Night of the Living Dead
                         Horror Business
                         London Dungeon
                         Ghoul's NIght Out
                         Death Comes Ripping
                          / ??

Mudhoney                 Suck you Dry / ??

Peter Murphy             Cuts You Up / ??
                         The Sweetest Drop / ??

National Velvet          ?? / NATIONAL VELVET               "Loaded w/stuff"

New Order                True Faith / ??

Ozzy Osborne             No More Tears / ??

The Passage              Hunt / ??

Pear(l?) Jam             Jeremy / ??

Tom Petty                Free Falling
                          /FULL MOON FEVER

Pluto                    Vampire / ??                       Reggae

Rosa Ponselle            El Mirar de la Maja / ??

Prunes                   Decline and Fall / ??


Artist                   Song Title/ALBUM                    Notes         

The Radiant Hour         Romanian Boquet / (no album)

Red Wedding              Under the Veil Virgin / ??

Rigor Mortis             Vampire / RIGOR MORTIS             

Rolling Stones           Sympathy for the Devil

Rose of Avalanche        Assassin / ??

Queensryche              Gonna Get Close to You             
                          /RAGE FOR ORDER
                         Walk in the Shadows
                         Hand on Heart
                         Is there Anybody Listening

Sad Lovers and Giants    Man of Straw / ??

Saint Saens              Danse Macabre / ??                 #1

Sancho                   Chase Vampire / ??                 Reggae

Scratch Acid             Vacancy / ??                       #1

Sex Pistols              Holidays in the Sun / ??

Shadow Project           Holy Hell / ??

John Cale                Ship of Fools / ??

Siglo XX                 Fear and Desire / ??

Sisters of Mercy         Lucretia My Reflection / ??        #1
                         Marian / FIRST & LAST & ALWAYS     #1
                         Vision  Thing / ??
                         Ribbons / ??

Siouxsie & the Banshees  The Last Beat of my Heart          #1
                         Night Shift / ??
                         Bring Me the Head of the Preacher
                         We Hunger
                          / ??

Skinny Puppy             Tin Omen / ??                      #1

Slayer                   At Dawn They Sleep
                          /HELL AWAITS                      

Sleep Chamber            Way of the Flesh

Smiths                   How Soon is Now?

Sonic Youth              I Don't Want to Push It            #1
                           /SONIC DEATH                     

Soul Asylum              Need Somebody to Shove

Sting                    Moon Over Bourbon Street
                         Bring on the Night
                           /BRING ON THE NIGHT,
                           /THE DREAM OF THE BLUE TURTLES
                         Sister Moon / NOTHING LIKE THE SUN

Swans                    Will We Survive                    #1
                          /WHITE LIGHT FROM THE MOUTH
                           OF INFINITY                      
                         Goddamn the Sun / ??


Artist                   Song Title/ALBUM                    Notes         

This Mortal Coil         Nothing but Blood / ??

This Picture             Naked Rain / ??

Tones on Tale            Christian Says / ??
                         You, the Night, and the Music / ??

U2                       Alex Descends into Hell for a 
                          Bottle of Milk / KOROVAL ??

Venom                    Countess Bathory / BLACK METAL

Angela Witch             Waltz the Night 
                           /SCREAMING AND BLEEDING

The Wailers              Dracula / ??                       Reggae

Xymox                    Masquerade / ??
                         Craving / TWIST OF SHADOWS

#1 -- These suggestions were passed along to me from "Vampire:  The Masquerade,
the Storyteller Guide."   Neither he who passed them along, nor myself can vouch
for most of them.

Thanks to the major contributors, (whether you knew it or not) ... -- Thanks Pandora

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