Trenchant Class Patrol Cruiser

By: Paul Jenard Schirf (
Trenchant Class Patrol Cruiser

Trenchant Class

400 Ton Patrol Cruiser (Type T)

Crew: 22
1 Captain (Leadership, Tactics),
1 Pilot (Pilot [spacecraft]),
1 Navigator (Astrogation),
1 Sensor/Commo (Electronic Operations [Sensors] + [Communications]),
2 Medics (Diagnosis, Physician, Surgery)
3 Engineers (Engineering and Mechanics)
4 Gunners (2 x Gunner [Laser], 2 x Gunner [Missile])
1 Boat Pilot (Pilot [craft] + Electronics Operation [Communications])
8 Ships Troops

The Captian and Second Officer are allotted single occupance staterooms. All other crew and troops use double occupancy staterooms. The Second Officer may be the Navigator, Pilot, Sensor/Commo Operator, Boat Pilot, or even a Gunner.

400-ton SL Hull, DR 1000, 2 Turrets with triple 405-MJ lasers, 2 Turrets with Triple missile racks, Basic Stealth, Radical Emissions Cloaking, Hardened Command Bridge, Engineering, 56 Maneuver, 16 Jump, 120 Fuel, Fuel Processor, 12 Staterooms, 4 Lowberth tubes, Sickbay, Utility, 2 Vehicle Bays (30 ton Ship's Boat, 8 Ton G-Carrier), 23.5 Cargo.

EMass 950.1 (sans J-Fuel, Vehicles, and Cargo)
LMass 1318.6
HP: 42300
Cost: 118.1254MCr (sans Vehicles)
Hull Size Modifier: +9

Accel 5.89G Empty
Accel 4.25G Full
Jump 3
AirSpeed 3859