A twist of fate

By: Dan Post (dpost@answer.com)
Adventure for Traveller

Here is a striker campaign i recently played..enjoy!
Dan Post


This is intended to be a campaign for striker II. The campaign is set in the Thoesennt subsector/old expanses sector. It is intended to be fought in three distinct battles although it is possible to have many more encounters depending on the choices made by the PC's.

A mercenary contract is up for grabs. It looks like a boring garrison job on the planet Nova Ryll(0330). The players should be a mercenary unit of at least 2 companies and it is recommended to be a full battalion. You may use a pre=designed unit "Harrel's Marauders" or bring in your own unit if you if the players wish. If the Players bring in a unit from scatch it should not exceed 100MC-120 MC in value. It is suggested you look at Nova Ryll in the trail of tears sourcebook.

Background/The Contract

Wen Clossar runs a investment/trading company that started from a coalition branch of ling standard. After the virus hit the local branch took the money it had and made some wise investments. The name didn't hurt either. Ling standard has found a new deposit of fissionables in The Mark. unfortunately it is located very close to the disputed southmark border. Ling standard could make a killing if they can keep the mine open for another 6 months. The Mark has a weak armed forces compared to the Southmark forces and has offered little assurance of protecting the mine. Several sniper incidents and sabotage have caused schedule delays and prompted ling standard to lay out the money for protection. Ling standard has issued a contract for a battalion size mercenary group to garrison the open mine. Due to recent tensions between southmark and The Mark. The contract reads as follows:

Mercenary Contract

Ling Standard
Mercenary group:
_____________ ______________
A garrison of least 1 mech. battalion is required for the mining operation in The Mark, Nova Ryll. The batt. will be responsible for base security until the current operation ends.
Task Duration:
Variable from 4 to 8 months.
Coalition Mercenary Law-All Volumes
Nova Ryll Law
Ling Standard P+P's
To Job-Provided by owner
From Job-Provided by owner
Standard Reparation Bond
Special Notes:
100KC per week
60 mill. credit Bond in escrow upon successful conclusion.

Nova Ryll background

The Mercenaries are working in the country of The Mark. It is a small /weak government that is currently going through a political upheaval between 2 rival political parties. So far it hasn't got to violence. To the south of them is the Southmark empire. The southmark is a corrupt expansionistic country that is deeply in debt. It desperately needs a large cash boast to keep the economy (and current government) going. The value of the fissionables just over the (disputed) border is to much of a temptation. Due to the number of of wars in the last 10 years a organization known as the League of Marks (LOM)was created to solve diplomatic problems without conflict.

Referee's infomation (Optional for roleplaying) As expected Ling standard is not telling all. The mine is actually a buried miltary depot for imperial marines. The actually make-up and usability is up to the referee ,but rememeber even one grav tank can shift the balance of power.

Map of the area

Area Map

Scenario one. The Race

Time of battle- First days of arrival

Background: The mercenary group just finished a tour in the country of eastmark, Nova Ryll. They are approached by Mr. Clossar for a security operation of about 6 months. They travel by ship to the port city of bastinque (city near starport) which is the capital. As the mercenaries unload it is noticed by southmark spies who report back the mercenaries arrival. The southmark decide to send in a raid to take the mines fissionables and high-tech mining equipment. As a diversion they will also raid several nearby towns and destroy the local garrisons. As the raid starts the mercenary commander gets a frantic call from Mr Clossar who insists they must move out and protect the base at all costs. Information available to the players(if they look for it) will be :

  1. some last messages from the mine when it was overrun
  2. Some recon from the marks tiny airforce.
    Note- the marks military command will be in complete disarray
  3. Some civilian radio traffic from surrounding towns.

Referee's notes. Scenario one is basically a meeting engagement. The fog of war is vital to get a proper "feel" for this battle. Xerox a copy of the map and tape it to cardboard. Put stickpins on the map for the mercenaries and for contacts/enemy forces as they come in. Only show the players the reports they give. do not show them all of the enemy units. You may use the following chart to help determine what to show them: Assuming they have put scout forces out ahead of the main effort: (Give scout forces 50% greater movement speed-except for aircraft/helos which will use normal speed)


     1   Unit will be greatly underestimated (50 to 100%)
         (battalions become companies or platoons)
     2-  Unit will be underestimated by 10-30%
     3-4 Truth of unit spotted
     5   Unit will be overestimated by 10-30%
     6   Unit will be greatly overestimated by 50 to 100%
         (platoons become battalions)

The Ref should have his own map with all the forces listed and should update them every movement cycle.

Players movement:
Aircraft- 100 kilometers turn
motorized- 10 k a turn road/ 3 k off road
grab/helo - 50 K a turn
riding- 4 K road/off-road
foot-2 K road/ off-road

Small unit encounters: (scout forces) Most small unit encounters will be recon forces. They will probably not be played out on the table top, but use the following charts to resolve the encounter:

   D1 - force is ambushed roll 4+ to survive
   D2-D3- meeting engagement roll higher than ref to survive
   D4-D5  Enemy sighted without giving away position
   D6-    Enemy ambushed-ref should roll 5+ to survive and pull back
          enemy forces

Scenario 2. The Siege.

Time of battle- Several months after arrival.

Political background: After the raid by southmark (which they will call a border dispute)they will pull back their forces to give the illusion of complying with the LOM wishes.

Refs notes: The players will have several weeks to prepare their base. Unless the players are clueless they will realize the future threat of southmark military. If you wish to have a role playing aspect give the PC's some stories about saber rattling and tensions between the 2 countries and the League of marks attempt to solve them diplomatically. The southmark realizing the panic and weak resistance of The Mark will decide to take over the Mark will a lightening strike of military might. Political figures from southmark will secretly bribe Mr. Clossar to keep the mercenaries out of the upcoming battle. The Southmark will strike just north of the mine heading for the starport and capital. A full division of 13 battalions of tank/inf and 4 batts of arty. Southmark will enjoy air superiority as well. Although they have a "deal" with Mr. Clossar they will not trust the mercenary group and will surround the mining operation with a battalion of troops and arty delivered mines.

The invasion:
Southmark division

1 helo company.
1 Engineer batt.
5 tank batts (1 is reserve)
9 armored inf batts.
4 arty batts ( 1hvy) the 3 light artys will be assigned to each regiment
1 regiment will then consist of 3 inf 1 tank and 1 arty batt.
1 Antiaircraft batt. -12 tac missle carriers -150mm

The assault

1 regiment will be assigned to destroy the mercenary forces.
After a brief bombardment (possible roll for surprise) a secondary attack will occur from the north(1 inf batt)
Then the full assault will occur from the south.
1 company of engineers with mine clearing gear will also be assigned to the assault.

Scenario 3. The breakout:

Invasion update. Assuming the mercs survive scenario 2 the situation will move into a siege situation. The invasion has slowed down near the capital as the mark forces put up a desperate last stand.

The Plea After 2 days a plea on the radio will be heard from the prime minister of the mark. He will plea with the mercs that unless he has their help his country will fall. He will offer 10MC and a 10,000 acre land grant if the mercs can break out of the siege and destroy the division hqts discovered to be about 30 km north of the mine.

Ref Notes
Deployment of enemy forces:
The southmark will have a inf batt. with a towed arty battery to hold the siege forces. In addition one company of tanks will be in reserve to deal with breakouts. Within 5 mins. a flight of 3 attack helos will arrive and 2 additional batteries of arty will come on call. If the players coordinate it with the mark forces they may be able to make the reserve forces committed for a battle elsewhere. Roll a d6 for the helos- a 4,5,6 for success and roll a d6 for the general support arty for each turn. a 5 or 6 means they will have the support. Note that this assumes that the attack it coordinated with a attack by the mark forces. If the players do not do that then the forces will be dedicated to the attack. The infantry batt. will be dug in and will have minefields scattered to the front. There will be cleared lanes that are hidden from the players. (possible chance of discovery/or info from a prisoner). As the merc group travels north they should run into rear area forces and some security platoons. Just south of the headquarters they will run into a ambush set up for them.


2 squadrons of attack helos- 3helos each.
1 squadrons of attack jets- 3 planes
2 batteries of 150mm arty support (3 fires of fascam)
1 antitank company of 12 lancer missle carries
1 scatch force:
3 abomination siege tanks
2 TL14 intrepid grav tanks
6 pararie fire TL8 tanks
1 company of infantry (motorized in trucks)
1 company of engineers- with minelayers and mines, 2 bull dozers for tank ditches etc.
1 AA group (tac missiles)-4 vehicles(sim to adatts)

The southmark will either set up in a reverse slope defense behind a large hill, or a woods ambush depending on the route the mercs take. Other scattered forces may be encountered (up to company strength) and also may reinforce this group. You can roll for this every 3 or 4 turns...

      a 5 or 6 on a D6.
       1-2 - A tank company of parire fire tanks (6 tanks)
       3-4   A antitank battery of 4 lancer missle carriers
       5-  A motorized inf. company- 6 plts
       6-  A extra artillery battery of 4 150mm howizters

If the mercs defeat this force the headquaters will be 5 KM up the road. There is little resistance and the southmark attack will soon fold. If the referee desires you could set up one last battle of the now retreating southmark forces trying to break thru the merc forces on their way home.

Mercenary Notes:

Starship Travel: To estimate what can be carried on a starship take the cubed meters and use the following ratios:

Combat Ready- 2*
Combat load- 1.5*
Maximize space 1*

The combat unit carries enough supplies for 1 day.

  1. food 3 days
  2. fuel 1 day
  3. ammo 1 day

Each man needs the following supplies per day:

45 kg.- moving and fighting
Ammo(includes spares)
25 kg.- doing nothing
1 company-

Table of organizations:

  1. Harrels marauders
    Batt. HQS.
    1* command APC-Elite
    1* Communication Van
    1* Security APC
    Support Compan
    1* Hvy Battledress Squadron (TL 12- 2 platoons and APC's)-Elite
    4 *Squads
    1* Support Squad
    1* Command Squad
    Heavy Arty platoon-exp.
    3* SP MRL's (120mm mounted on apc chassis)TL 12
    1* FDC (TL 12)
    1* Electronics Van (Jammer radars etc)
    1* Point Defense Vehicle.
    Scout Platoon-exp.
    6* Scout biker squads(6 men ea.)
    Company A (1st Armored)-
    3*Tank platoons (TL9 GND Tank Hunters ea.)-Vet.
    3* Tanks
    1*inf platoon (TL 9 GND apcs)-exp.
    1* command tank-Elite
    Company B (Second Motorized)
    1* Tank Platoon (3 landsharks)-exp. TL10
    2* Inf Platoon with trucks-green.
    1* Hvy weapons inf. Platoon with APC's-vet.(TL 11 TAC missiles)
    4* squads (Bolters and TAC missles)
    1* command stand
    1* Support Platoon (4-100mm towed Horz.w/tks)-exp.
    1* Command APC-Vet.
    Company C (Third Motorized)
    1* Tank Platoon (3 landsharks)-exp. TL10
    2* Inf Platoon with trucks-exp.
    1* Hvy weapons inf. Platoon with APC's-vet.(TL 11 TAC missiles)
    1* Support Platoon (4-100mm towed Horz.w/tks)-green
    1* Command APC
    Logistic Train
    Local Trucks- 20 Trucks (5 tons ea.)
  2. Southmark Forces
    Armored battalion
    3 Infantry companies
    10* APC's with inf squad (Use Voltigeur APC)
    1 Tank company
    13* Prairie fire tanks
    1 mortar platoon (100mm)- 4 tubes-towed
    1 Scout platoon (armored cars)- use charina wheeled APC
    1 Antitank coy (lancer missile carriers)
    10* ATGM
    Tank Battalion
    3 Tank companies
    13* Prairie Fire tanks
    1 infantry company
    10* APC with inf.
    1 Arty platoon (120mm horz. SP)
    1 Scout Platoon (armored cars)
    4* AC

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