Who's linking who?

Recently, there's big fuss about who may link who, why this may be judged as anticompetitive behaviour or judged as support for the respective pages (of course only if these feature material falling under some obscure law by the respective state). However, this is mostly an issue in germany. Anyway, I'd encourage anyone to link me whenever you feel like. Anyone sueing someone for "linking" should be wiped from the face of earth by nuclear weaponry anyway, including those lawyers and politicians making such a perversion possible... Oh, yes, the same goes for people suggesting that caching of documents should be considered illegal. I'll probably write an article on this in the "politics" section, in some err, more diplomatic tone.. ;)

And a very, very special "link" comes as a reference in the "hacker's guide" by Anonymous, Markt und Technik Verlag, where I am mentionned as one of the sources for "strobe", a portscanner. Here's where the reference leads to:

Funny, isn't it?