Footnotes on Security

happily, big brother is watching you, and he wears the mask of a clown

Security has its price, and the price is user-friendlyness. To type a password each time you turn on your machine is not very pleasant, but the benefit is big. So you have to decide how much security you want. The following are some guidelines, most of them are crucial.

Okay. Now another thing... What are the threats?

So you see whats the most crucial point? Make backups. Second is, use A system which permits the use of a password (NOT Windows95, this is ridiculous). Third, do not let anyone snoop information from your machine. The rest is hackers of any colour, including the state and corporations. And that's a pretty little threat, according to the probability to happen.

Ehm.. So have a nice night.

An make backups!

Peter Keel, November 1996