Hitparade of Switzerlands dumbest laws

There are laws in Switzerland (and other states too) which are incredibly stupid, counter-productive and costly. This is a list of such laws which have a greater negative impact on the society as whole than a benefit.

The tragedy of most above mentionned laws, is that they cost unbelievable sums of money. My guesstimate is one third to one half of the whole budget; and that all of these have simple, pragmatic solutions.

First off, don't deny, tax. Is it bad for health? Tax it for the costs presumably to come from recovery. Is it polluting the environment? Tax it for the costs needed to repair (which gets very high if its nearly impossible to fix). Ideally, most of the costs could be covered by this, so the income-tax can (and must) be lowered if not ditched altogether.

The side-effects are not to be dismissed, in fact, its the best part of it. Due to pollution-taxes on gas, transport-costs will raise, opening the possibility for local production to gain market. Also, Biological and ecological products will get cheaper while destructive products will get more expensive. So people will automatically start to behave more ecologically correct -- even when they are not forced to.

Peter Keel, 22.03.2000